Reverse Engineering Obfuscated Android Applications

The slides are now available for download.

Recently, I’ve been doing a fair amount of Android application reversing-engineering and many of the more security sensitive applications use obfuscators like ProGuard and DexGuard. At first it can be a little bit daunting, but once you figure out some of the obfuscation techniques it becomes a much more tractible problem.

steelcon-logo-11I presented some of what I’ve learnt at SteelCon in Sheffield this weekend. The conference is only in its second year, but it seems to be off to a strong start, and very well organised. There was a good mix of students, hobbyists, developers and infosec professionals; with a wide selection of talks to match. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in security based in the North of England.

Nothing groundbreaking by any means, but hopefully a useful introduction to people looking to get started with obfuscated Android applications.